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Our Story

In 1998, Kelly Donia founded Donia Designs Inc., a Multi-line Sales, and Marketing Firm. What first started as a way to give a young, working, mother some flexibility in her workday, has grown into a vibrant, innovative, adept, and source seeking firm that brings the local Design Community the latest in interior products. From custom designed rugs and flooring to durable and long-lasting products needed for every style, budget, and environment. Creative, yet pragmatic. That’s what Donia provides.

Kelly and her team provide a mix of skills to perfectly balance and accommodate her design clientele. The Donia Designs Team, not only offers best-in-the-industry products but also brings an unrivaled customer experience to their clients. At Donia, each team member has a passion for working with creative energy and helping clients to create spaces on time and on budget.


Donia Design Inc. focuses on all areas of Commercial Design. From Hospitality to Corporate, Assisted Living to Universities, They have experience and products for all applications, making Donia Designs an excellent choice for commercial floor covering.

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